Certainly one of the most beautiful cities that I have visited. A good percentage of our time was spent in the best pubs of Victoria but we did find some time to tour the museum and the Butchart Gardens. Both spectacular. When I have some time to flesh out this entry I will give my opinion on the current state of museums. Spoiler - they are great. 1 2


Ken and Carol fed us, hosted us, showed us around town and generally treated Carol and I like Royalty. Bruno seemed to remember Carol and if not he made a good job of pretending that he did. Their home is a beautiful tree-house and full of the sentiments expressed in their front lawn sign. Spiritual sisters and brothers to Carol and I.

Boat houses. Think Sleepless in Seattle.

That tall lime green plant is actually blown glass as are the blue spikes. An amazing blown glass show by one of the masters. Seattle-blown-glass, look it up. 1 2 3 4 5

For those interested in our plans for Portugal in January and February I am posting the following information:

  • Booking Website: I think that it is important that you use the Canadian site so that you consistently get Canadian dollars for the search.
  • Town where I have been looking: Carvoeiro, Algarve
  • Price Range: $60 - $90 per night Canadian
  • The unit that I have booked: I have included this so that you can see what you get for what you give. Regardless of what price is showing on this page, I paid $83 Canadian per night. Our landlord is a PremierPartner which is similar to an AirBNB SuperHost. We stayed with a SuperHost for several months in 2017-2018 in Toronto. I suspect that SuperHosts and PremierPartners try harder.

    Our Unit The unit occupies three floors - 1st, living room, kitchen, 2nd bed and bath, roof top terrace.

  • Billing Details: So that you can see a sample of the final cost calculation here is the quote for our unit.

    Billing Details

I am currently looking for a 2nd month but I am taking a couple of days off to clear what I have seen from my head.

I intend to use the flight application titled "Hopper" to plan and book airlines. They have a unique algorithm that suggest to you not only what flight to take, but when to book it to get the best rates. Speaking of flights, I have not figured out the flights (Faro or Lisbon) and how to actually get to Corvoeiro (bus, mule, train).