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Palm Canyon Trail

Palm Canyon Trailis a popular desert and oasis walk on the tribal lands of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. Carol and I have walked the first bit of the 15 miles trail, descending first into the oasis and winding our way to the waterfalls and foot-soaking pond. It is quite remarkable. I feel fortunate to have purchase this postcard off the internet. ![Palm Canyon Trail](Palm Canyon-1.jpg "Palm Canyon Trail")

Fort Henry, Kingston Ontario

![Arial View of Fort Henry](Fort Henry-1.jpg "Arial View of Fort Henry") ![Fort Henry From The Water](Fort Henry-2.jpg "Fort Henry From The Water") ![Interior View of Fort Henry](Fort Henry-3.jpg "Interior View of Fort Henry") ![Fort Henry East Ditch Tower](Fort Henry-4.jpg "Fort Henry East Ditch Tower") Fort Henry lies on the North shore of Lake Ontario at Kingston. Built by the British Army during the War of 1812 it was a mainstay of the defence of colonial Canada for many years falling into disuse in 1891. My great great grandfather Jamieson Smith and his family were stationed at Fort Henry during the 1837-38 Rebellions as a sergeant of the British Army 83rd Regiment of Foot. During his time at Fort Henry, troops from the fort put down an American invasion at the Battle of the Windmill at the town of Prescott. It is impossible to tell if Jamieson was part of the detachment that marched to Prescott.

My great great grandmother Isabella (Smith) Robson was with her husband during this deployment to Canada. She gave birth to 4 children (including my grandmother) while on station in Canada. My great grandaunt Mary Ann Smith was born in residence at Fort Henry, 13 June 1839. Today the fort is open as a living military museum and archive and welcomes visitors and researchers.