I have made a change for 2018. Last year when Heather Heyer was murdered in Charlottesville, I was determined to keep her memory alive at least as part of my email signature. Every time I proofread an email it would cause me to remember her and what a senseless, useless loss her murder by a neo-nazi was on the streets of Charlottesville. Each time that I saw her name it was also a reminder that I need to step forward when the principles that I hold dear are under assault. I also need to fight my prejudices everyday.

But it was time to change. For 2018 I have decided to celebrate my father and the CBC. My father was a quiet man yet brave and with strong moral principles. He was abused as a child yet never raised a hand to me. He was rumoured to be a drinker in his youth, yet I never saw him have more than one drink, and then only a couple of times each year (except once at my wedding reception). He was in both the RCN and the RC Mounted Rifles yet the notion of war repelled him. He and I would argue politics and history at the dinner table most every night. He always fought fairly and made sure that I felt that he had learned something no matter how unlikely that was. It was years after he died that I realized what a profound effect he had on who I was.

I listen to the CBC almost every day. Primarily CBC 99.1 the talk radio station. I listen to The Current, and "Q" (Tom Power is the best), and on and on. . . Every program has something to offer. We are so fortunate to have it at our fingertips. I listen to Toronto until it is out of range then switch to the Parry Sound transmitter or the one in Wingham. London has a new transmitter so I will listen to it once we get to New Hamburg. Every damn day they teach me something new.

So there it is - my new signature.

. . . . most of the good I have learned is from my Dad and the CBC.

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