Fairground Digital Archive

A few years back I built a web site named the Fairground Digital Archives. Fairground seemed to be a good focus because my mother and father had spent a considerable amount of time on fairgrounds with their businesses, but also because my mother had been born in Fairground Ontario, a crossroad in Houghton Township, Norfolk County. The village was named Fairground in 1889 because it was where the Houghton Township agricultural shows were held.

The Fairground Digital Archives turned out to be very difficult to maintain, and I just could not keep up with the changes. Technology has changed and I am now going to republish many of the old photos that made up the archive. These photos are not my vacation photos, they are not always friends or family, sometimes they are just "record" shots stopping time and recording it in a flash. They are to be organized primarily by Date&Subject heading back to the beginning of the 1900s.

About privacy - If you are alive, you should not be able to find a photo of yourself in the archive. If you are dead, it should be even more difficult.

Clicking on any photograph will bring up a LightBox where the photographs are larger and you can scroll through them. Photos within a group are in my best-guess order. Cameras did not record date and time in the early days

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