Huntley Family Album

The Huntley family are ancesters of Carol. This family connected with the Henshaw family though the Miller Connection. Not all of the photographs in the album have been identified. The unidentified photos are in another collection that has not yet been published. It has been circulated to a couple of descendants but there have been no further identifications.

Agnes and Clara Parker Aunt Kittys Children Annie Elizabeth Day 1876 Barbara McLeod 1859 Edith Jane Day 1881 Eliza Ann Annie Duncan 1868 Elsie May Cremaine 1898 Emma Alberta Berta Huntley 1878 Funeral Announcement, Mary Jane Barlow 1827 George Huntley 1870 George William Huntley 1882 Ila & Verne Huntley Jennie, May, Abbie, Berta Huntley John Huntley 1822 John Huntley 1859, Lydia Ann Chalcraft Huntley 1858 John Huntley 1859 Lillian May Huntley 1881 01 Lillian May Huntley 1881 02 Lydia Huntley Miller 1861 Margaret McLeod 1883 Mary Ann Lackey 1871 Mary Jane Barlow Huntley 1827 Russel Day 1841 and Jane Miller Day 1841 Verne Huntley 1896 Walter W McLeod 1861 Johnson and Jane Duncan family