Had my second eye done 2 days ago. I am amazed at the change. Not only has my distance vision been restored, but everything has changed colour. I see whites instead of grudgy old yellow-grey images. Wonderful.

Stayed in Vancouver with our old friends Bill and Linda Popovic. Carol, Linda and me had all go to high school together in the 60s. For many years we were out of contain but then reconnect and for the past 9 years we have got together a few time most years in Palm Desert. Since we sold the desert oasis, we will see them in Vancouver in the future.

It was a fitting end to a fabulous vacation/50 wedding anniversay. Linda and Carol stood up with each other 50 years ago, so the timing was perfect.



We signed up for a Katchikan photo shoot today and travelled around town with a local showing us the sights. This is not a bad way to get a tour and make certain you see the photo worthy bits. 1 2 3

The return trip from Alaska visits some of the same landmarks as the journey to Alaska, so today we are in Glacier Bay again. I had photographed the glaciers to death during the 1st visit so I gave the camera a rest.

We had dinner in a specialty restaurant and shared a bottle of Brut gifted to the evening by Bronwen and Glenn. It was a wonderful evening helped along by the Brut. Thank you B&G.

After deciding that I could do without more photographs I had to dash to the cabin to get a camera for a really nice sunset. Glacier Bay Sunset

The Hubbard Glacier is reported to be six miles wide and tower about 300 feet above the water. Our cruise ship got in very close, so close that the entire glacier could not be captured in one shot from an extremely wide-angle lens.

This 1st photo of the Hubbard was taken as multiple shots taken while panning across the face of the glacier. I could only get this unobstructed view from the back deck of the ship after it had turned to leave the glacier face. I was lucky that I know some nooks and crannies of the ship that are never over populated so that I could swing the camera in one smooth motion. Hubbard Pan Hubbard Detail Yakutat Bay Island

Glacier Bay



1 2

This photo shows the ship and its passengers interacting with the Margerie Glacier, our first glacier. The ship was brought far closer to the face of the glacier then I believed possible. People lined the rails of the ship while rangers from Glacier Bay National Park discussed the history and potential future of this glacier. It was quite breathtaking.


Skagway Alaska


Started the day at an original saloon and brothel. They served a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage - apparently typical of breakfast in a brothel during the gold rush. Then a visit to the local museum and a short bus ride to the original cemetery. But well done. Finally a walk abut town and a saunter back to the boat.

A good day 1 2 3

Juneau Alaska


Out to view the famous glacier (I cannot remember its name at this moment but will update as soon as possible (or never)).

Carol was not willing to turn her back to the bears so she did not get photographed.