Steve Earl


Sometimes my ability to screw up something simple surprises even me. Last night Katie and I had a father-daughter date - martinis at the Pantages Martini Bar followed by en evening front-row at the Steve Earl concert at Massey Hall. It was terrific to spend an evening with Katie. We shared lots of laughs and conspired just enough to make the evening memorable. The martinis were good. The tickets for the show stunk. Nobody's fault but my own; rather than having two tickets front-row right of the aisle, I had two tickets last row left of the aisle. It seems that I had the seating plan upside down when I selected the tickets. I guess the price should have tipped me off.

Cousins reunion


Mid September we were joined in Collingwood by Carol's cousins for the annual Stuart cousins get-together. Susan was not feeling well enough to make the trip up from Georgeville, but Sharon came from Ottawa, and Heather from Orillia. Of course, Len and Earl came along to help me listen. I brought out a couple of boxes of photographs from London East and we never looked back. Good visit.

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I have finally posted a few photos taken at Erin Ecker's April wedding in the Dominican Republic. It was a beautiful wedding for a terrific couple.

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Much of the family made it to Collingwood yesterday for Thanksgiving. Michelle and Tyler were unable to come, but all the other important people arrived. Billie did a good job stealing the show from the adults. She floated from one person's arms to another's for the whole day, finding each new set of arms perfectly suited to her amusement. 1