Los Angeles


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My sister Irene has had a big week. She has celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary and her 80th Birth Day. Now that is a couple of accomplishments.

The pavers have been installed for a few days. The landscaping is done. The lighting is installed. The water system works. We are taking possession of the courtyard. Taking possession means sweeping and keeping it clean and making certain that the furniture is arranged. We may even have to entertain. Oh, I forgot to mention, the fire pit arrives tomorrow at 10AM. It goes in the back courtyard - therefore no picture of the back courtyard yet.

Front Side Back

I am working to perfect fish tacos. Bronwen and Glenn arrive this weekend. They will likely be sick of fish tacos when they leave, but when they leave I expect to be a master of the fish taco.

Sunday was Super Bowl Tennis. Carol and I played for the Boston Patriots. The Seahawks won the tennis tournament.