Went for a little bicycle ride to La Quinta with some nice people from British Columbia. Our longest ride of the year - could not walk or sit the next day.


For those of you who do not get photos of Billie everyday, we are sending you a video of Billie playing the piano. The witch-like cackle you hear in the background is Katie thinking that the musical gene has jumped from her to Billie. I think that there is some Dr John at work there.

At the beginng of this week Estrella Cabeza Candela was ranked number 96 as a singles player. She lost in the qualifying round at Indian Wells and has dropped to number 101 in the world. She is still a hell of a tennis player. Estrella has been billeted (it is the tennis version of the "couch" tour) with one of our neighbours for the PNB tournament, and as a way of saying thanks she agreed to play a demonstration match at Silver Sands.

Ray Jacoby Estrella Cabeza Candela Kit Kelly Estrella Cabeza Candela The Foursome Estrella and Dick - her host

It has been a treat.