Bronwen and Glenn arrived last Saturday. Sunday was the Flea Market at the College of the Desert to buy inexpensive shoes followed by watching a Polo match at the Polo Fields in Indio (including picnic lunch), Monday was the fast and furious visit to Joshua Tree National Park, and Tuesday our guests left for Las Vegas for an overnight, returning Wednesday evening. Yesterday (Thursday) we visited Bill and Linda's, enjoyed Fish Tacos at Shanghi Red's, and got lost at the Palm Springs Street Fair. It is 6AM Friday and it is raining in Palm Desert. Oops, it just stopped. Oops it just started again.

Cholla Camp Grounds Arch Keyes Point

Do you see the tree on the left in the photo below? That is a Date Palm. For various reasons (including, who would want a 60 foot tree leaning as the one in the photo on their front lawn?) 65 of these trees were removed from the common areas of Silver Sands in the past 18 months. You would think that you would notice it when 65 trees, each 60 feet tall, go missing. Well I didn't. Other more observant people did notice. There has been a hue and cry about replacing them. Even though I had not noticed them disappearing, I am concerned enough that I have joined the Landscape Committee for Silver Sands to determine how they should be replaced. I have volunteered to help with the recommendation for different types of palms that do not lean and do not grow to 60 feet. This will be fun and I will learn something new -- so long as no one issues me a shovel.

Where is the date palm photo?

She Has Teeth!



I hope that you have a wonderful birthday today, Irene. Thank you for being there for me through the years. IreneBirthday


The Garland family left Palm Springs yesterday afternoon. It is not lonely here, but we do miss them. We understand they may have had the flight from hell, because of an emergency landing in Albany, New York and many hours of delay. We believe that door to door they were 12 hours instead of the anticipated 6 or 7 hours, and this with a 6 month old baby. Not a good way to end a week of vacation. We are relieved that they arrived safely. Carol can now return most of the baby equipment to the Toys R Us in the basement of the clubhouse.

We go back to the grind. Did you shop last week? No. Did you try to shop last week? No. Do you plan to shop next week? Yes. (This is loosely lifted from the dialog of Comicus and the Dole Office Clerk in the 1981 movie History of the World: Part I by Mel Brooks.)