Llewellyn Appleton and Carol Appleton

Tim Buckley was one of my favourite singer/songwriters in the 1960s/early 70s. He was odd but had a very distinctive voice and style. He committed suicide in 1975. Tim had a son - Jeff Buckley. Jeff too was a favourite singer/songwriter. He put out one album before he tragically drown in the Mississippi River in 1997 at the age of 31. The album titled "Grace" was brilliant, but he will always be remembered for his version of the Leonard Cohen song "Hallelujah". This song is covered over and over again, but none equal his version. He had a sweet, sweet voice.

Morgan James enters this story by covering not just a Jeff Buckley song, but by paying tribute to him by covering the entire album - thoughtfully and with passion. At times Morgan sings as Jeff, and at other times she extends what he was trying to do - perfectly. I am a big fan of Jeff but I really appreciate her spin on his songs. Morgan's husband Jeff Wamble plays guitar throughout this session. He replicates "dead" Jeff's guitar sound very well.

As I work through the pile of newspaper clippings and properly category and file them I occasionally come across a stumper. This morning it is two obituary clippings for a WWII and Korean war RCAF fighter pilot named David Ashleigh who died in a plane crash in 1979 near Oshawa. He was an RCAF Ace. I believe that this meant that he had shot down 5 enemy aircraft. I was pretty certain that a quick Google would bring up lots of facts about David - not so. The internet was bare excepting one entry in a website Fly For Your Life that is dedicated to RCAF history. They have no photograph or other information - just that he was in the RCAF. I am in touch and will supply them with what I have. Hopefully we can track him down and make certain that the clippings find a place to survive.

to "see a man about a dog", and have lunch with Dave and Olwen.

Update: bought the dog.

Next year this photo will be 40 years old. My . . . .

1978 Families Gathering

Back: Susan Campbell, Fred & Carol & dau Bronwen Appleton, unk, unk, Howard Campbell, Nancy & son Mark & Mike Dillon

Front: Ann Donaldson & son Braden, unk, Betty's dau Sarah Campbell, Nancy & Scott & Steve & Michael Sinclair, Betty Campbell