Eryn's Stay


Erin stayed with Apple and Grumpy while Bronwen and Glenn had a little honeymoon.

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Imagine, At A Bar

OK, I could not resist putting up a video of Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ). Scott Bradlee the piano player is also the founder of PMJ. PMJ is a musical collective of about 70 performers. No two videos have exactly the same performing combination. There are multiple singers, at least three piano players and many multi-instrumentalists. Their hook is that they take a song from one genre, rework it and perform it in another genre. So, as in this video they take a fairly new Radiohead song and perform it as a vintage jazz tune. They are wildly popular these days with more than one touring group coming out of the collective.

Earlier I posted a video about Morgan James - she is one of the vocalists who work with Post Modern Jukebox. I originally sent this video to Bronwen because of the clarinet.

I might as well get all of my music tips out in the open this morning. Playing for Change is the brain child of Mark Johnson. Mark is a music producer from LA who came to the conclusion that some of the best music that he has heard is on the street. He put together the technology so that instead of bringing musicians to the studio, he could "take the studio to the street". For a single video he might record six street performers in different locations around the world and then mix them to create one arrangement. Think about this - guitar on the canal in Venice, vocals in Vancouver on the beach, rhythm in Kenya, and backup vocals from New Orleans. This is fun stuff.

Morgan James


Morgan James is a pretty good singer. At 14 she had a repertoire of 200 songs that she sang a capella in her home town restaurants. At 18, she was enrolled in the Julliard to become an opera singer. After graduation she worked in Broadway musicals. Now 36, she has put out a couple of albums and is doing a "whirlwind tour". She is the best singer that I have heard in a long time.

I should have posted about this months ago. It is just one of the things that got dropped as I took a vacation from The VOX. Somehow back then I got myself in communication with the moderator of a Royal Canadian Navy online historical project. I do not know who found who because I have occasionally sent old RCN photos to their museum in Halifax for preservation and display and they have contacted me about these photos or I may have contacted them. Regardless the person who I was in contact with introduced me to For Posterity's Sake a website "dedicated to the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy and the ships they served in". HMCS Niobe

I was invited to contribute obituaries and summarized service records for my father and for Carol's father. I did and they are present on the site. My father had collected some group photos of his ships crew and they were also very pleased to get these.

If you have old photos of RCN ships, pictures of relatives who served, or their obituaries please let me know and I will help you get digital copies displayed in this memorial. I can also help you find war-time service records if they would be of interest. Anyways - a great tribute to those who sailed for Canada.

John McCrae House Look for people to be standing in this scene in about 48 hours.

70th Birthday


Just thought that I would throw a photo up here showing the delicious white cake with caramel icing - a family tradition, baked by Bronwen.

Caramel Icing

I am not sure that she needed help blowing out the candle but everybody wanted to pitch in.

Eryn 2nd Birthday