Avon Trail

family hike

Three Generations - Bronwen & Eryn My Nigel Danson Image For The Day

Nice fall walk - Carol, Glenn, Bronwen, Eryn and me. Out to the St Jacob's Market for Sausage & Sauerkraut, then a 3 hour saunter on the Avon Trail. Highlight for Eryn was the big oak tree. There were still some leaves on the trees as Irene predicted.

The Avon Trail is 111KM in length from St Mary's to St Jacobs. Bronwen thinks that we should do a section each month until we have completed the entirety. We must be working on getting a badge.

This year we knew that Thanksgiving would not be a big celebration with 20+ people because of Covid19. The grandkids had gone back to school and the risk of them bringing the virus into contact with the older family members (me), just did not seem to be worth the risk. Instead, Carol and I thought that dinner with my sister, niece, her son and girlfriend would be an acceptable risk and still capture the Thanksgiving spirit. The turkey was ordered, the cranberries prepared, large squash littered the house, deserts were ordered from Karen, the house was cleaned top to bottom, the turkey bag was purchased.

Erin works in a restaurant. They had a Covid-19 scare with another employee, sent her into quarantine, shut down the restaurant and waited for the test results to come back. Thanksgiving decision needed to be made. Carol and I decided to continue with the zoom call to the entire family, cancel the live dinner with my sister and niece, cook the entire meal and deliver it to those who were supposed to have dinner at our house.

Get more Tupperware! Include driving and drop-off time in the schedule. Worked fine.

We returned home and decided that we would have English muffins with peanut butter and jam. But the next day, I made some modifications to the Turkey Pot Pie on Bon Appetit's website and put together a Turkey Pot Pie with Biscuit Topping. I have never worked with the recommended puff pastry and was not willing to risk the pot pie to a faulty topping.

Molly's (BonAppetit) Turkey Pot Pie

When the stores opened the day after Thanksgiving, they were giving turkeys away. We decided to cook another turkey and deliver it to Katie. Katie is in the middle of the longest renovation in history and does not have a cooktop or oven. We met them in Milton and handed over a cooked 20-pounder, squash, dressing, gravy and cranberries.

You know Thanksgiving was a lot of fun this year.