I have always been a fan of Morgan James, she is an internet star but tours constantly across the US and Europe. This winter she came slumming to Ontario and played London on Sunday night. Concert was held at the London Music Hall. The 1st indication that something was wrong was when I received notification from Ticketmaster that the show had been moved frm the big hall (1000 people) to the small hall (350).

It was a nice drive into London - exactly 60 minutes, the hall is a gorgeous little room with a good bar and very good viewing. Carol recons that 60 people showed up for the show.

The 1st half of the 90 minute set was very good with Morgan and her band playing many songs that highlighted her amazing vocal talents. Then it went south. Morgan announced that it was the 59th anniversary since the release of the Beatles "White Albumn" and that they were going to finish the show with an homage to the Beatles. I was never a Beatles fan - especially Dear Prudence and Back to the USSR. Very disappointing end to the performance.

Still, we made it back to New Hamburg and were in bed by 10:15. A very successful concert evening.

Top marks to the venue, its location, the bar and the 1st half of the show.