19 Loganville Lane

Stonecroft Footings I am not certain why the neighbours have erected the orange fence. Are they disrespecting us already? Wait til they see what we really have planned.

It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents - except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in Collingwood that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness.

Aside from rather ugly weather this evening, Carol and I are having a moment to think about what we have done. We are moving away from many kind and wonderful people. For the past few days we have been extended every kindness. Friday we were invited to a gathering of a surprising number of Blue Shores residents at Collingwood Brewery and then again at Barb's home where we drank too much, devoured pizza, and in general acted like adolescents. It was all great fun. We will miss all of our friends in Collingwood - but never fear, we will return. 2004 Fred and Carol Blue Shores

The US have their NRA and they have a lot of political clout. There is a new rather sinister movement building in Canada that is suggesting that we need to arm ourselves too:

  • Do you ever drive by yourself at night? = Do you walk the dog or exercise when the sun is down?
  • Do you have a family to protect?
  • If something were to happen, would you be prepared?

The truth is, most people underestimate the importance of owning a great flashlight. And these days, in a world where terrorism, and natural disasters are becoming the norm, it's more important than ever to have the right tactical gear.

Oh Well

Mike and Nancy Dillon's cottage, Woodland Beach circa 1976. Fred and Carol Woodland Beach

Pretty Gruesome

![BilleNailPolish](BillieNailPolish 01.jpg "I do not like this colour") As gruesome as this picture is, there is a pretty funny story behind it. She is a very cute little girl.

The Countdown Is On

I found these ticket stubs in the purge. They are a pretty good bunch of performers. ACC

I just found an envelop of newspaper clippings from the 1940s about Gray's Shows. As you can imagine any time a travelling midway hits the newspaper it is not because they all attended church this past Sunday. Some are fun to read though - They can be found here: Fairground

Blue Shores Ladies Tennis Tournament Luncheon

Babysitting Eryn

We are in Guelph this morning. Glenn and Bronwen are in Toronto. Glenn's band "Tenth Planet" played the Horseshoe Tavern last night. The show was too late for Carol and I so we might as well babysit. That way we get to keep the same hours as a 4-year-old. those hours agree with us.

1973 - Carol Appleton - 11 Valleywoods, Toronto

We are in St Jacob's tonight. Picked appliances today in Kitchener. Then on to Waterloo to pick two fireplaces. Carol was disappointed with the selection. We think that we have the fireboxes picked, but the surrounds did not appeal. Tomorrow we meet Melissa the "upgrade" lady. My fear is that she will be a highway robber - crap is included in the purchase price but the good things cost real money. I keep telling myself that we will be OK. We can handle her. She is just the "Upgarde" lady. Then I remember that this is her game, and that we are the yokels and my heart goes cold.

I am listening to a bunch of Ron Hynes tunes tonight. Started with "From Dublin with Love" then on to "Dark River" and "Brown Eyes", finishing with favourites "The Ghost of Dana Bradley" and "Cape Spear". We saw Ron perform live twice. Once as part of a program about mental health and addiction. Katie went with me. He sat on stage with one of his doctors to talk about his addictions. Then he performed. I have never seen a performer give more of himself. The evening was capped with a showing of The Man of a Thousand Songs - his auto-documentary.

Years ago, I listened to Shelagh Rogers do an on-air telephone interview with Ron from the hall telephone at Bellwood Addiction Centre in Toronto. He seemed so sane, yet there he was in addiction rehab. He told how in a long-previous phone call to his mother he got the core of one of his great songs - "The Mother Who Bore You In Pain". It was a phrase she used as she expressed her anguish about his addictions. It was a song that Carol could barely listen to. He could not fix the problem but he could acknowledge his failures through the song. It was a brilliant interview. I have contacted Shelagh to find a copy of the interview. (Shelagh got back to me , she did not do the interview)

"Cape Spear" is such a friendly song with a good melody, some tricks in the lyrics, and wonderful images. When we were in Newfoundland in 2012 we went to the south shore and Cape Spear just because of this song.

"The Ghost of Dana Bradley" breaks my heart. After writing the song he visited her parents to get their permission to perform the song.

I do love sad songs. I have a big Ron Hynes collection. "Dry" . . "My Name is Nobody" . . "Carry this Cross" . . "Judgement"

Hugh's Room


Got tickets to see Catherine MacLellan - Nov 8, 2017. For those of you who do not recognize the name, her father was Gene MacLellan the singer-songwriter from Prince Edward Island who wrote Snowbird, arguably the song that launched Anne Murray's international career. Read on - the next post is about Catherine too.