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Well - ISIS is not happy with Canada. They think that a good way to express their displeasure with Canada is to kill Canadians. Hmm. Probably not a good train of thought for the leadership of ISIS. Canadians do not really respond well to intimidation. Dieppe (just a test), and Beaumont-Hamel (the real thing) did not intimidate Canadians or cause us to question our beliefs of the difference between right and wrong.

The Perfect Song


I am pretty much incapable of feeling music other than in my head. With some people, music occupies the entire body. They cannot help but sway and start to dance. I love music but I only listen to it. Wonderful things happen inside my head, but my feet remain locked, immobile, encased in cement. There is no body response.

I like all kinds of music. I force Carol to listen to folk, roots, blues, funk, classical, new wave, progressive rock, country, the Eagles, Ed Sheeran, Agnes Obel, Bob Dylan, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, and Typhoon; but not the Beatles, Jack Johnson or Elvis. I love prowling on YouTube. YouTube has an amazing library of performances that you will never see other than on that site. There is a lot if stuff recorded on cell phones that is difficult to watch because of the video and audio quality. I start playing these videos and if the quality sucks, I move on immediately. There are gems to be found, and you cannot waste your time on poor quality. The YouTube interface is not the best, so switch to Toobify immediately. You are in control and can jump quickly to the next song.

Back to the notion of the Perfect Song. My vote is for Midnight in Harlem by the Tedeschi Trucks Band. It has just the right amount of all of the important influences - blues, funk, jazz, gospel and it is played by exceptional musicians. The lineup is: Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks and some terrific backup singers (the Hammond and the vocals make my skin crawl). It is pretty obvious who Susan is in the photo, she is leaning on Derek Trucks. Derek is the son of one of the Allman brothers though it has never been stated which of the brothers. Derek was actually raised by a third brother who toured with the band as crew. He is married to Susan and they have two children who tour with them. If you stalk them a little further in YouTube you will find a few videos of them performing at the White House. Very nice. 1

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The Rivoli

music family

Glenn is the drummer in a band - passionate and intense.

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Carol and I attended Bronwen's concert on Sunday. She still plays clarinet in the Festival of Wind Orchestra. Katie and Billie attended too, and they were both very well behaved. Billie squeaked a couple of times, but for the most part seemed to really enjoy and get into the spirit of the music.

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Up and About

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I hung up my crutches a few days ago, and I have now taken off the air cast. I have made a couple of quick trips to Loblaw. Everything is still tender, and I do not stand around just for the heck of it. Both feet get tired and painful quickly. It reminds me a bit of Madeline Kahn's scene from Blazing Saddles where she sings "I'm Tired". Of course she is tired for a completely different reason, and her routine is funny. My feet do not feel so funny. None the less, I am up and about and looking forward to tennis this summer. I told Carol this morning that there have many days in the last 50 years of playing tennis when my feet have felt much worse. This does not mean that I am heading to the attic soon.


While on the subject of Eugenie Bouchard - she is having a wonderful French Open and has made the semi-finals at a grand slam for the second straight time - a Canadian eh?



Head phones if you have them

Lissie was born Elisabeth Corrin Maurus, and raised in Rock Island, Illinois. Her father is a physician and her mother is an interior designer. She has some Scandinavian ancestry.

15 Feb 1953 -- 05 May 2014

This would mean that I fell at least 9 feet before coming to a complete rest.

Carol had asked that I check out the wiring for one of the central vacuum outlets that runs through the attic. Without going into all of the gory details, while moving about in the attic, I stepped back into the opening, thinking that I was putting my weight on a piece of the home's structure, only to have it collapse under my weight; turns out it was a piece of ceiling trim.

The first part of the drop was broken by my left underarm catching on a ceiling joist. I hung there for about 1 second before crashing the rest of the way to the ground, hitting each step of the near perpendicular ladder with my left foot during this part of the fall.

Although quite startled, my immediate thoughts were that quite a few things had gone right in the last few milli-seconds. A fall from 9 feet and nothing apparently punctured or broken.

My left arm was a bit scraped, I was limping a bit; all of this would heal pretty quickly. My pride was shattered though.

Today I decided that X-rays would be wise. My left foot had grown, and was so tender that it was hard to get up in the night to pee. No fractures detected, but I am now in a splint and have an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist on the 7th.

Vacuum installation guys will be here to check out the wiring on the 8th.



Arrived home April 18th about 6PM. We have been fighting with Rogers until early this morning trying to get our phone, cable and internet restored. The good news is that Katie , Jay, Bronwen and Glenn came for an overnight.