I have added a collection of photographs and scans to the Fairground Archives. This collection is titled Anne's Carmelcrisp and it can be accessed by either clicking this link or loading from the Fairground Archive menu item.

It is my intention to file every scan or photograph related to Anne's Carmelcrisp in this folder. Today was a good start.

Mom and Me Mom and Me

Carol found a packet of old 616 negatives yesterday while going through some of our storage. The photos look like they were taken in the summer of 1947 when I was still a pup. There were a couple of pictures of me in my mother's arms (click photo to view), 3 of my sister - it looks like she was arriving at an airport, maybe North Bay to be with my parents for the summer, and a few of some Show kids, I think that I recognize Terry Gray. There were only 13 negatives. I scanned each at very high resolution and then flipped the tone curve to make them positive. They are now hosted in Fairground.


Added 27 photos of Gray's Greater Canadian Shows from 1937 to the FairGround.