Billie and Abbie

We kept Eryn at our place for a couple of days while Bronwen and Glenn moved into their new house.


Eryn's Stay


Erin stayed with Apple and Grumpy while Bronwen and Glenn had a little honeymoon.

Treats for Kitty Dandelions are flowers too It just looks like a bottle of coke Counting The Steps Snacks Look What The BBQ Did Playing On The Deck

Here is a photo taken by Bronwen of Eryn having lunch while waiting to catch a flight at Palm Springs International Airport.

Eryn Having Lunch

We are waiting impatiently for 7:30 AM PST to roll around. It would not have mattered what time was chosen for the online christmas morning meet-up on the web (aka FaceTime), we would have been impatient for that time to arrive.

Jackson Eryn Billie

To fill the few minutes before the call - we started christmas eve in the morning with a couple of hours of tennis. I expected to see more of the players dressed in red and wearing antlers, but it was just pretty typical drop-in tennis. When play was finished people seemed to sit, drink coffee and eat cookies for a little longer, and there were cheers of "Merry Christmas" as people drifted away, but otherwise a typical southern California morning here at Silver Sands.

The afternoon was spent picking up a few last minute supplies for christmas dinner and then off for christmas eve dinner at Fresh Agave one of the several good Mexican restaurants in the valley - ok, one of several Mexican restaurants that know how to make a good margarita and also serve good Mexican food. Dinner was with good friends from the San Francisco area, Amy and Robin. Amy is also my partner in crime with our little website venture.

I may have put my foot into christmas day. We have been invited to dinner with some other friends Ken and Carol (of Seattle). I have made a big fuss about turkey cooking bags - how easy they are to use and how wonderful the turkey cooks that the traditional cooking method is being nervously abandoned for the new method. If the turkey is not ready on time, if one morsel is not cooked perfectly I will be roasted on Boxing Day. i await my fate.

Listening to a lot of Dallas Green, You+Me, and City and Colour - all Dallas Green. I have managed to signup for Pandora One. Hope I can haul it back to Canada in the spring.

Jackson Allan Garland 10lb 9oz. A New Family Record!

Mother and son doing just fine. Everybody very happy.

Jackson Allan Garland November 9, 2015


Eryn Llewellyn Neath We are happy to announce the birth of Eryn Llewellyn Neath, May 1st 2015, about 1:21PM. First daughter of Glenn Neath and Bronwen Appleton. Mother and baby doing very well in Guelph Hospital. For those in the Appleton/Williams family it is worth noting that Carol and I will be referring to our two grandchildren as "Billie and Lew". It will roll off our tongues really easy as that is how we heard everyone refer to my parents for years and years.

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For those of you who do not get photos of Billie everyday, we are sending you a video of Billie playing the piano. The witch-like cackle you hear in the background is Katie thinking that the musical gene has jumped from her to Billie. I think that there is some Dr John at work there.