Carol is trying out new head phones from AfterShokz for the next few days. So far so good. They grip the head nicely. they do not cover the ears, or use the ear to create sound, and the sound is great. Instead:

"Unlike traditional headphones that use speakers to transmit sound, AfterShokz uses patented bone conduction technology. Transducers send mini vibrations through the cheekbones and deliver sound directly to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum. This leaves your ears open to experience your surrounding environment."

Sounds scary, right?



Over night I included a caption technique to all of the photographs on the website. This does not mean that I have added a meaningful caption to the photos it just means that if I do, it will be displayed by the lightbox. At this time there will be lots of captions that are just a number, or similar gibberish. Over time I would expect these to be updated.

The caption is displayed when the lightbox is active. Click on a photo. See caption in bottom left.

I have been a Rogers internet customer for a long time. For more than one reason I have been thinking of dropping my Rogers Home Phone, TV, and Internet service and moving to an "Internet only" model for TV and Phone. With the introduction of in the US I decided that I would make the move now as we head south for the winter. I cancelled everything 3 days ago.

This morning Rogers gave us a rude shot when they let me know that by cancelling our internet service, Carol had lost the email address that she has been using for the past 20 years, and that if she did not move her email to today the email in the old account would be lost. My email is OK because years ago I had moved to Apple's mail services with Google's Gmail as my backup.

So . . . my advice would be that you should never include your email service within a larger technology bundle. Keep your email with a free service (Google Gmail is great). Bundling your email with your TV, your phone, your internet connection reduces your ability to take advantage of new hardware technology in your neighbourhood. It also reduces your ability to move to another carrier because of service issues and the like.

For the record my current plan is:

Service Estimated Cost
Bell Fibe Internet 60GB download, Unlimited Usage ~$80 per month
Apple TV for all TVs one time purchase
Netflix subscription for Movies $10 per month
Sling subscription for News, Sports, HBO and Tennis Channel $40US per month

I will need to use a PVN to access Sling from Canada, but I already have this (Avast PVN) and have tested Sling using it. The PVN is a necessity when you are trying to access US content (such as Pandora) from Canada.