Today we sold our home in California. With no disrespect to the homeless, we are now "homeless". We have rented an apartment in Scarborough from October 16 to December 31. Then we will see if there are any fair winds blowing south.

Today an empty lot LoganView Front LoganView Back LoganView Mainfloor LoganView Basement

Our home in Blue Shores has been sold. We have purchased a new build in New Hamburg, Ontario. We will be homeless from October 16 through March 22, 2018. Any volunteers? Here is the sales video for the home in Collingwood. I know that the video is a lattle long, but try to hang in until the end where the drone shows the outside of the home and the community. The technology is great.

to "see a man about a dog", and have lunch with Dave and Olwen.

Update: bought the dog.

This would mean that I fell at least 9 feet before coming to a complete rest.

Carol had asked that I check out the wiring for one of the central vacuum outlets that runs through the attic. Without going into all of the gory details, while moving about in the attic, I stepped back into the opening, thinking that I was putting my weight on a piece of the home's structure, only to have it collapse under my weight; turns out it was a piece of ceiling trim.

The first part of the drop was broken by my left underarm catching on a ceiling joist. I hung there for about 1 second before crashing the rest of the way to the ground, hitting each step of the near perpendicular ladder with my left foot during this part of the fall.

Although quite startled, my immediate thoughts were that quite a few things had gone right in the last few milli-seconds. A fall from 9 feet and nothing apparently punctured or broken.

My left arm was a bit scraped, I was limping a bit; all of this would heal pretty quickly. My pride was shattered though.

Today I decided that X-rays would be wise. My left foot had grown, and was so tender that it was hard to get up in the night to pee. No fractures detected, but I am now in a splint and have an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist on the 7th.

Vacuum installation guys will be here to check out the wiring on the 8th.



Arrived home April 18th about 6PM. We have been fighting with Rogers until early this morning trying to get our phone, cable and internet restored. The good news is that Katie , Jay, Bronwen and Glenn came for an overnight.

We had not actually felt any hot water from the taps in this house since we got here. The kitchen sink took 75 seconds for even warm water to show up. Splashing cold water on our faces was the norm in the farthest bathroom. All of that has changed. We have installed a hot water recirculation pump. I did it myself. There is hot water on demand at every tap. These are wonderful devices that everybody down here knows about. Carol has pointed out that the hot and cold water seem to be reversed in the kitchen and that she wants it fixed today - picky, picky picky. My guess is that she will not end 44 years of marriage on this point.