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Lets do this again!

Trailhead, Wellington County Road #34 Social Distancing Ninja (or something) Calendar Shot, Little Tract Trail

Avon Trail

family hike

Three Generations - Bronwen & Eryn My Nigel Danson Image For The Day

Nice fall walk - Carol, Glenn, Bronwen, Eryn and me. Out to the St Jacob's Market for Sausage & Sauerkraut, then a 3 hour saunter on the Avon Trail. Highlight for Eryn was the big oak tree. There were still some leaves on the trees as Irene predicted.

The Avon Trail is 111KM in length from St Mary's to St Jacobs. Bronwen thinks that we should do a section each month until we have completed the entirety. We must be working on getting a badge.